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Application Space

MRESENCE™ is all about making it feasible to have real-time interactions among people who are geographically dispersed  with the added advantage of Presence in Mixed Reality (See What I See & Touch What I Touch) for greater clarity, efficacy and efficiency in interaction of all operations involving people who are unable to be present together or be in one same physical space due to barriers of time, cost, politics, culture, religion, etc.

MRESENCE™ is a very good approximation of PRESENCE and is even preferred to PRESENCE in some situations and for certain kinds of use cases.

MRESENCE™ technology as managed services is recognized as being invaluable in the healthcare space, in supply chain management space, in insurance space, in education space and in any kind of TeleMeetUp™.


TeleCare with MRESENCE™ :

•     TeleCare Brochure

•     MRESENCE™ TMU™ Brochure

Medical Tourism:

•     TeleMeetUp™ Brochure  

•     Budroid Brochure

Routine Reporting among various unit locations of a hospital; incidental reporting:


Innovation for Insurance company and MRESENCE™ service for use in filing insurance claim by the insured party:

•     MRESENCE™ captures the multi-media interactions between the claimant and the Adjuster / personnel of the insurance company. All the functional features of TMU™ can be brought to bear to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of work operation between the Adjuster and the Claimant.

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MRESENCE™ is available in

•      web version to run in PC or in Mobile Handset with browser

•      iOS App version

•      Android-OS App version

Users may use any of the 3 formats of MRESENCE™ as services to interact with one another.

MRESENCE™ is available with API and SDK to facilitate the integration of MRESENCE™ with other software system, for instance, integration with SLACK and Team 365. 

MRESENCE™ services cater to industry users as well the general population in various sectors:

Business Models for TMU™ with MRESENCE™